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muck in meaning, definition, what is muck in: to share the work that needs to be done. Learn more. muck meaning, definition, what is muck: mud, dirt, or a sticky natural substance such as animal waste. Learn more. Define muck (verb) and get synonyms. What is muck (verb)? muck (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. The script is utterly banal. One goose, two geese. Browse the English Dictionary. There is plenty of muck in the hollow, and I'd be glad to have it cleared out. Middle English muk , perhaps from Old English -moc ; akin to Old Norse myki dung. To make an animal clean or cleaner:

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Mucky Meaning These words appear in red, and are graded with stars. Language expert Ian Brookes looks at the word 'election' and its origins. Presently there was a distant blare of military music; it came nearer, still nearer, and soon a noble cavalcade wound into view, glorious with plumed helmets and flashing mail and flaunting banners and rich doublets and horse-cloths and gilded spear- heads; and through the muck and swine, and naked brats, and joyous dogs, and shabby huts, it took its gallant way, and in its wake we followed. Delivered to your inbox! You're treading muck into the carpet with your dirty shoes! Top tips for CV writing In this article we explore how to impress employers with a spot-on CV.

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What does piedmont mean? Sign up now Log in. Times, Sunday Times It's as clear as the muck pumped out of a Stobart exhaust pipe. Sign up now Log in. And are you surprised, when this muck is all I have to give him? The Urban Dictionary Mug One side has the word, one side has the definition. The BEST INSULTS are ones your enemies have to look up.

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Discover our greatest slideshows The Lyrical Story of Punk Roc. Tools A A A A Language: Most popular in the world. Synonyms and related words. Please reload the page or if you are running ad blocking disable it. Learn Learn New Words Help In Print Develop Develop Dictionary API Double-Click Lookup Search Widgets License Data About About Accessibility Cambridge English Cambridge University Press Cookies and Privacy Corpus Terms of Use. To harm irreparably through inept handling; make a mess: The script is utterly banal. It was at this point, gentlemen, that enraged by the defection of seven of his former associates, and stung by the mocking voice that had last hailed him, and maddened by his long entombment in a place as black as the bowels of despair; it was then that Steelkilt proposed to the two Canallers, thus far apparently of one mind with him, to burst out of their hole at the next summoning of the garrison; and armed with their keen mincing knives long, crescentic, heavy implements with a handle at each end run a muck from the bowsprit to the taffrail; and if by any devilishness of desperation possible, seize the ship. Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. It was hard to walk in the muck. The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. A chocoholic yatze someone who eats a great deal of chocolate and finds it hard to stop themselves eating it. Its fridaycourse we're muckin Winston's tonight. Pop Culture and the Ovo com David Frum April 29, Times, Sunday Times None of yer fancy foreign muck. What does isthmus mean? mucks meaning Behave in a silly or aimless way. See words that rhyme with muck Thesaurus: MUCK is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the MUCK definition is mucks meaning. Chiefly BritishSlang to make a mess of; bungle. A brief history of infernal frustration. Quiz The most important sandwich quiz you'll take today. Appiganesi, Lisa DREAMS OF INNOCENCE.