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Posts about Babysitting Cream Walkthrough V98 written by fragatimcel. im playing the newest babysitting cream and cant seem to get her undressed or have any fun with her:P can someone give like a guide or. Babysitting Cream Walkthrough In progress. CherrieBombz 4 Posts. (In progress) This will probably take a LONG time to complete. posted 5 years ago. You are rewarded the keys to the house and are allowed to come over whenever you like to fuck Cream, and you are fucked all night long by Vanilla. Originally Posted by outordinary. Originally Posted by xpro So much fucking shit It's day six, when I played I believe it is a non-rainy thursday morning, ask Cream how she hebel beispiele doing, and there'll be GS delivery. MY LIFE FLASHED BEFORE MY FUCKING EYES!!!

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Cream will only blow you in the park on week days, most likely because it's emptier. NegaMajora Member 3 years ago. To get the carrot toy: Oh god, I think I made Tails kill himself last time?! And did you know that when cream is fully open to you and you take her to park and do the swing and grope and push by tail, she will ask you to swing with her, and if you do this again she wants to have "the special hug" with Sonic on the swing, but after some text a bug wll show up a police fox, you dont get arrested just click the text 4 times and it continues. With this hacked version, You can have anal penetration on day one with the toy. Lol yeah, I've tried to do that a few times, but I have no patience whatsoever ha ha. Willy Wonka'd every time in this version, not worth trying. Consult the Furry Book of Style for editing help. Is the latest? Log in or create an account to comment. Play the game through a few times to see what works, then get those things done first.

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Babysitting Cream The purple arrow in the image at the right points to Sonic's Journal. Once the limited set of actions that will raise statistics for the day have been completed, the rest of the energy can be used doing random things that will raise RWC -- playing dolls with Cream, or trying all the different things at the mall, etc. Find all posts by Angel Kiya. For specifics, check the edit history and talk page. Llollt Member 4 years ago. Send a private message to Boris ChaosBlade Member 4 years ago. Hello everyone who may view this comment like you I am a huge fan of this game and love every moment of it. Originally Posted by Crazuni. Is there any way to clean up around the house? Once you've accomplished as much as you can with the day, then go ahead and spend energy to raise RWC and other statistics further. This guide is dedicated to all those on e who can't take a second to read through comments or search the internet for a few minutes.